We, first of all, preserve your trust towards us.

We take care of environment and our customers, and happily provide the reliability of Keles Insaat.

As Keleş İnşaat, we carry out our activities in line with the principles of protecting the environment and ensuring that everyone working for us works in safe and healthy environments;

  • To comply with relevant environmental and OHS legal regulations,
  • To comply with the regulations stipulated by the employer administration,
  • To control, reduce and properly dispose of waste generated during our activities,
  • To use natural resources optimally, to prevent pollution before it occurs and not to create danger by choosing process and work equipment that creates the least pollution and poses the least OHS hazard,
  • To use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible in our constructions, to take necessary precautions by evaluating complaints and requests that may come from relevant parties,
  • To train Keleş İnşaat employees, subcontractors and visitors in line with these principles and to ensure that they act in line with these principles,
  • Evaluating the environmental aspects and OHS hazards that may arise during our activities, making improvements for those that stand out, and thus constantly improving our performance,




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