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As Keleş İnşaat, we have always used our increasing knowledge and experience to make human life easier and we will continue to use it in this direction. As Keleş İnşaat family, which strives to add the most accurate projects with the latest knowledge and technology, starting with the motto of "providing profit and giving confidence" to the developing and changing construction sector, we work with the same motivation and dedication at every stage from the project planning stage to turnkey delivery. With our projects that make technology meaningful, we act sensitively towards the environment and nature and contribute to the country's employment.

We establish projects with high quality with our experienced, dynamic, modern and innovative approach, bring value to the work conducted by us with our entire team, and provide the safety and comfort at the highest level. We as Keles Insaat Family being a brand in the construction industry aim at establishing prestigious projects offering happiness with high investment value at all times and new employment opportunities with our new investments..

We, as Keles Insaat undersigned significant achievements continuously since our foundation, declare gladly and proudly that we will reach new big targets and successes. We promise you that we will provide happy houses and happy working spaces to our valued customers as we contribute to our country’s economy with our value added in our sector.


President of the Board of Directors


  • We continue to be an example of reputation and reliability.
  • “We make a difference with the foundation of happiness.


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